Artwork guidelines

Properly placed order - saves time and reduces the possibility of manufacturing mistakes.
Understanding your sensitivity to these things, we have developed guidelines for layout design.

Preferred file types:
Adobe Acrobat: pdf - recommended
Adobe Illustrator: ai, eps
Adobe Photoshop: tiff
CorelDRAW: cdr

Scale: 1:1, right reading
Color: 100% black (CMYK) or other spot color
Fonts: all fonts should be converted to curves or embeded to file
Raster: 1200 dpi, bitmap - for clear contour. Min resolution - 600 dpi

We recommend:
- avoid thinner than 0,1 mm lines for hot foil stamping;
- avoid negative graphic elments thinner than 0.2 mm;
- keep the distance between graphic elements more than 0.2 mm;
- avoid thinner than 2x paper thickness lines for embossing.

Poor quality artworks will increase production time and may result additional charge for design works.

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