Combination Foil Stamping Dies

Combination Foil Stamping Dies

Combination foil stamping combines embossing paper or cardboard with foil stamping in one single impression. This ensures perfect registration of foil stamping and embossing. The process requires a set of combination foil stamping dies - a die and a counter die. 
Max recommended thickness of material to be stamped with this product - 0.80 mm.

  Engraved dies

Die material brass
Technology CNC engraving
Thickness 7.00 mm
Work temperature 120°
Max die size 600 x 600 mm
Counter die plastic
1 - Round flat - standard
2 - Round
3 - Beveled
4 - Faceted
5 - Multi-level
6 - Sculptured
Applications packaging, labels, books, magazines,
- wear resistant
- highly precise
- variety of profiles


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